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    Feb 25, 2012
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    Hi! I have been checking into Backyard Chickens for a long time but didn't realize there was a middle TN group until the other day. I just want to introduce myself as another crazy chicken lady! My husband and I have a horse/cattle farm between Shelbyville and Lynchburg and in the past year I have been raising and selling some of the more exotic breeds. I have become more excited about my chickens than my horses and cows! LOL! I have Polish Cresteds (Gold Laced and White/black), Silkies, Sumatras, Black and White Frizzled Cochin bantams, Mille Fleurs, Buckeyes, Auracanas, French Black Copper Marans and just got some White Faced Spanish and Black Jersey Giants from The Poultry House this week-end. Also plan on adding Silver Birchen Marans soon. We have sold everything we had for sale recently but I have a batch hatching today and again in a week. We are looking into becoming NPIP certified. You can see our farm at I love all things unusual! I am happy to be here and talk poultry with local crazies like me!
    Wendy Morton
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