Introduced a new chicken...


Apr 17, 2016
So, we introduced a new chicken, a little easter egger by the name of Ruchela. We have another easter egger, a welsummer, and a black sex link. We originally had another easter egger who was killed in the Great Raccoon Attack of May 2016.

And although we read up on the behaviors and everything, we're a little appalled. Will they kill her? She's the same age and our farmer said she's very middle of the pecking order. But they will NOT let up on her. We thought the Black Sex link was top of the pack, but it actually looks like the Easter Egger is. They're both relentlessly hassling her and blocking her water access. We added another waterer and feeder so she's okay-ish, but they'll run to that one and peck her away too! The Welsummer is completely uninterested in this coop drama and has no part in it.

We let them free range for the better part of the day, and for most of the day it was the three girls in the dust bath and Ruchela huddled under an old tree stump. It was so classic mean girls, I feel like we have a middle school in our back yard.

They all slept in the same coop last night and there's been no blood drawing, despite the Easter egger and black sex link's best efforts. She's lost quite a few feathers though.

Any idea? Is this just nature and we need to take a step back? Should we just keep em all in the pen and see where the feathers lie?

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