Introducing 13 week olds to 10 month old

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Mommysongbird, Feb 18, 2012.

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    can this be done easily?

    We have only 4 layers who are now about 10 months old (will be 1 year in April) we hatched some eggs in November of 2011 (these eggs belong to our existing layers) and only 2 hatched. So we have two 13 week olds that NEED to go outside and I would just like to put them in with the older girls.

    The two young ones are that much smalled than our big girls so I was wondering if we put then in the coop during the night (roosting time) would that be okay? Will the youngsters be in any danger?

    We are actually bracing for a 'supposed' snow storm tomorrow, so was looking at doing this later in the week when it warms up a little. The lows right now at night are in the low 30's most nights.

    Oh, and they still have their lamp on over the brooder. It only has a 40 Watt bulb in it now, but they are also beside a wall heater.
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    13 week old chickens should not need extra heat, having given them extra heat will now make it hard for them to adjust without it.
    I tried the trick of introducing them at night.....didn't work for me. No matter how you do it provide a place for the younger birds to hide, so that the bigger birds can't get to them constantly.
    I have two flocks in the same run that is partitioned off so they have full view of each other all day every day,for over 6 months. when the adjoining door is opened you'd think ww111 has broken out.
    I have some young chicks that I'm putting in with the grown chickens, I have a area partitioned off (with plastic net) in the coop (under the poop boards)for the young ones, when they are about 10 weeks I will open a small access door to the rest of the coop that they can get thru, but the larger hens cannot.....that will be their safe zone. They can go and come at will and hide there, until acceptrd by the flock.
    Even a card board box with a small hole they can get thru will work. Any kind of sanctuary will help them until accepted.

    Good luck

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