Introducing a familiar hen to a new pen


9 Years
May 30, 2010
I have two enclosures side by side; one for my Spitzhaubens, and one for my Brabanters, all hatched this spring. They've all been free ranging together peacefully, going in and out of each other's runs, and even coops. I'd occasionally have to move someone back to their own coop in the evening. I figured with the two extra Spitz cockerels leaving yesterday, it would be a good time to move the beardless Brabanter in with the remaining trio (for out crossing). I didn't expect any hostility. I put Lulu in with the Spitz last night. Everything sounded peaceful in the coop when I went out this morning, but when I let them out, they all started chasing her around the run! I was going to keep the Spitz in their run today, and let the Brabanters free range, but changed my mind. Lulu needs room to get away from the others. So, the Brabanters are in their run, and Lulu is hanging around it. Come night fall the Spitz coop will be the only place to go. How long before they settle down? Was introducing her while the pecking order was in disarray a mistake?

The Brabanters were hatched in early April, the Spitz three weeks later.

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