Introducing A New Roo: Need some tips and pointers

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  1. So I have two indoor little Old English Game Bantam hens. I was hoping one was a male and they'd turn out to be a pair but I ended up with two girls sooo I'm looking to get a Old English Game Bantam roo from a family friend.

    Penelope and Bandit (the little banty hens) are EXTREMELY close. Bandit is the shy little one while Penelope is her fierce protector. They are inseperable. They have to be able to see eachother or they freak.

    Do you think it's save to introduce a roo to the tight friendship of Penny and Bandit? If so any tips or pointers.
  2. Wyandottes7

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    Jul 24, 2013
    I think that it would be safe. Most likely, all three of them (Bandit, Penelope, and the rooster) would all become very close. The hens might dislike him at first, but, in time, they would probably learn to like him. Whenever I introduce roosters to my females, they are usually unhappy. However, by the time he's been with them for a week or so, they all love each other.
  3. Chickery Chick

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    Jul 27, 2013
    I had ten hens all about 2 years old and never had a rooster. I wanted to complete my collection with a roo and was given a big white rooster full grown from some friends(he was on death row because they had to reduce their roo count due to the fighting). I put him in the hen house in the evening. Of course they all were in a scurry about who he was and why he suddenly appeared. Within minutes he let out a big ol crow and it about blew my ears out. I'm sure he thought he had just landed roo heaven with all those ladies around. They did try to peck at him the next day and he just stood his ground as he was much bigger than them. My chickens love dog food. So I threw a handful out by him and because he was such a gentleman, he'd make big ol clucking sounds and all the hens would come running. He was telling them about it. He seldom would ever eat the dog food, even though he wanted to. He used this as a way of getting them to follow him around, which they did. He was their guide and protector to his last day. We sure miss him. Boy he could crow. Loudest crow on a roo I've ever heard and was at true cockadoodledoo, just like a recording. He crowed day and night. He was very vocal. Loved it. Not sure how anyone could completely enjoy their flock without a roo.

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