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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cheirogloss, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Aug 23, 2009
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    I lost my roo Lola last night to a pred who Lola had valiantly defended the flock from twice. I want to get a new roo for flock dynamics reasons and was wondering the best way to introduce one. Lola had great pride and love for his flock of girls and actually lost his life protecting them.

    Is there a way to introduce a roo that promotes love and protection for the ladies? Also, how will the ladies feel about a new man in their life?
  2. T Rex our original RIR roo attactd my DD van and she ran over him, I got a new one from one of the BYC group. HE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGOUS, I just put him in with my hens, they just sorta looked at thim for a while but they acepted him quickly. I usually free range my hens every afternoon, but I kept Cheeto in the run for about 2 weeks until he knew that this was home. now I turn him out with all the hens. I watched the other night as he herded his ladies into the coop. he was the last one in and he walked all around the open gate to be sure that everyone was in before he went inside to roost. marrie
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    We lost our roo in July; same deal- protecting his girls from a predator, probably a coon. In August we bought two buff rock roosters (couldn't resist two/they were sooo good-looking!). The hens accepted them very readily. The first day they were together after quarantine, the roos were clucking to guide the hens to treats in the grass, and that's all it took. [​IMG]

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