Introducing a new rooster. Can it be done without injury?

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    Sep 20, 2007
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    I have 24 buff orp hens and I need more roos. I bought 1 adult roo put him in at night and the next morning I could'nt even see his eyes he was so bloody. I felt bad about it I took him and put him by himself so he could heal up. Any suggestions I really would like to have a good fertility rate.
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    I personally don't think you need 2 roosters for 24 hens.
    We have had 4 roosters for 120 hens and had an average of 89% hatch rate for 1 year. We set eggs every 3 weeks for a solid year.

    Since you already have him, here is a copy from one of the FAQ in the Learning Center.

    3. What is the best way to introduce new chickens to an already established flock?
    Separate newcomers and established birds with a barrier (i.e., wire), so they can see each other but not directly interact for a period of 1-4 weeks. This will help keep fighting to a minimum. Always introduce them while SUPERVISED, so you can control any fighting.
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    This should help you

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    Whenever I 'introduce' new roosters it is inevitable they will fight. You must restrain yourself and make no attempt to interfere. They must fight and get the dominance order in place. Otherwise, they will fight for an eternity, rather than a short period at introduction.

    To make things earlier, trim the spurs of all your roosters regulalry. That cuts down on the bloody wattle and comb issues.
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    Sep 20, 2007
    Tennessee City
    Thank you, Brian:)
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    Quote:I agree with this, but would like to add something.
    It also depends on the roo's themselves.

    I have a barred rock that will fight to the death...even after the other roo has submitted and is playing dead, if I let the fight go I'll have a dead roo on my hands.
    Sometimes it won't workout no matter what you do. I had to build a seperate pen for 2 of my 3 roo's.

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