Introducing a young bantam to one Americana

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    Aug 6, 2009
    I only have two birds in my flock and early this morning tragedy hit and a fox got my white girl, Billina. Since I know they are social birds I went and got a 12 week old silkie without doing much research. At first, the older one (who is less then a year old) seemed disinterested but when I threw out some scratch she pecked at the new girl pretty hard. I am worried about cooping them together right away. Any suggestions? Is it OK to coop a bantam and a standard? Also thinking about getting one more silkie probably from the same place.


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    Quote:Sorry for your loss.
    You can house bantams and LF together.
    Introduce slowly with lots of space so they can get away from each other. You might want to put one in a seperate area where they can see each other, in the coop.
    Be vigilant, I don't have silkies, but have read several posts stating that they seem to get picked on more. And more is better. [​IMG]

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    and [​IMG]
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