Introducing another new set of babies


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Sep 15, 2019
First flock is 1.5 years old
2nd flock is 4 months old. I introduced them by fencing them off from older flock for 2 weeks.
they pretty much hang out as separate flocks

today I got( 2) new silkies. I wanted to see how they would do just tossing them in. So I did. And one of them the younger flock kept checking her out. Then they would start pecking at her

so I separated them.Silkies on one side and other flock on the other.

should I start take the time and re introduce with the fence in between.
or maybe tonight throwing them in the coop and seeing if they wake up and wake up and all is good.

The silkies also don’t have a coop. I gave them a little dog kennel. Does any one have another idea of what I could use if this is longer term for them
I would use something so they could see one another, but not touch one another. Fencing, a pen, something..... I wouldnt just throw any new bird in without a period of adjustment. That's not fair to any of them.
That's how long I would give them. Then, when you introduce them, set up places the new ones can hide, or get away in case they get into trouble. If you see the intro isnt going well then, give them another week seperated but not touching. I like to brood in my coop, but I'm lucky, I have plenty of space..... they are totally used to one another by the time the come out of the brooder completely. I havent brought older girls into my flock yet... but that's what I would do...separate for about 2 weeks.

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