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Jun 19, 2015
So, I wanted to add to my small flock of 4 that we've had for just under a year. We got them when they were 3-4 weeks old.

One hen has gone broody 3 times in that period. So, I figured I'd get some fertilized eggs and take care of both things at once. With 8 fertilized eggs, only 1 hatched last Saturday. I read a bit on here and it seemed like since mama hen was off the rest of the eggs now and showing Jr around, that more fertilized eggs weren't the best option.

I call the local feed store and they were getting baby chicks in Friday (yesterday). Plan was to stick them under mama hen at night. My 5 y/o and I went out at 9:30pm and stuck the 4 chicks under her and stuck around for a bit to listen. The chirping stopped and I peaked in and they all were nestled in.

This morning, I see momma hen walking down the ramp and 2 little guys following her.

I walk out and I can't find the other 3. I hear some chirping and find one hiding. I take her out in the open and momma hen attacks her. Momma hen went for a ride from me. Same thing happened a few more times.

I find one more hiding and the remaining chick dead in the coop under a pile of bedding.

So, momma hen accepted the one Barred Rock she hatched herself and them the ONE BARRED ROCK that went under her last night. They are like 3 peas in a pod out there.
The yellow little Buff Orpington was the one getting attacked. Momma doesn't like her. The other little chick is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. Momma hen attacked her too. The poor little dead chick was an Aurucana.

What should I do?

Try and sneak the 2 back under her tonight?

Raise them inside for now till they are bigger.


My 2 little girls were very upset this morning.


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Jun 29, 2016
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You have to raise them...She is past her time of excepting...She is no longer in hatching mode...She is in protecting mode...You cant trick her..Nice she excepted the one ....Leave those two with her and brood the others in the house....
Agrred^^ you have to raise them inside until they are coop ready, and even then I think slow introductions and a safe place for them will be necessary until they are the same size and can properly defend themselves.

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If you have electric available in the coop you can brood the unaccepted chicks there, this eases the integration process and allows for earlier integration of young and old


Jun 19, 2015
Thanks for the replys.

I could run some electricity out there for a little while.

I'm guessing I should segregate them. I'll have to come up with some sort of barrier in the coop/run.

Momma hen has the two others out in the yard now. Those little guys look tiny out there. The other chickens don't seem to mind those 2. One of them sat on one's feet and she didn't peck at all.

chickens really

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Yes....Chicks with Hens are usually well accepted into a flock..Momma keeps them safe...My one Speckled Sussex loves other Hens Chicks and has never been broody ...She lets them hide under her....It all depends on your Birds....

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