Introducing baby to mature hens


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
We have five laying hens that are about a year old. 2 Wyandotts, 2 Americanas, and 1 Welsummer. They have a small coop, but free-range in our fenced pasture. We lost our other Welsummer a few months ago and can't seem to find another mature hen to replace her. Would it be wise to buy a baby or if we can find one, a pullet, and put her with our other hens? What would be the best way to do this so the hens don't "eat" the new one!
Iʻve heard of two techniques. First is the "sneak them in at night while the hens are asleep" method. Apparently when they wake up, they forgot how may of them they were yesterday. And second is the put a cage with the newbies in your coop for several days until they get ignored by the hens.

I donʻt know if either way works, but Iʻll find out soon since I have chicks that will have to be added to my flock from last year.

I do know that I had to "re-rooster" my flock after losing my roo to a predator. All I did was open his carrier up, he strutted out and has been "King of the Hill" ever since. No acceptance problems at all.

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