Introducing chicks to broody bentham


In the Brooder
Mar 18, 2017
My bantham went to brooding. She had one egg we slipped two more under her at night. They all were broken, probably by the other chickens. The last on the days it was to hatch. So that night we seperated her and put two 3 days old barred rock under her. That was three days ago. She has been great mama. So last night, we introduced one more barred rock and two easter eggers. She has taken in the barred rock but pecks at the easter eggers. I seperated them right now. But is it safe to try introducing them again tonight?
She has already imprinted on the barred rocks. She is pecking at the EE most likely because they look different. She may or may not accept them. Monitor closely so that they do not become injured. Good luck.

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