Introducing Chicks To Broody.

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The Happster

Apr 5, 2020
Cloud Nine
I have got myself into a bit of a situation here.
So 18 days hen went broody.
I allowed her three eggs. Two were infertile. One is now on day 17/18

I didn't want her to only have one chick.
I looked around for some day olds I could buy, and found some. I bought two. All good.
I had hoped of sneaking them under my broody after the other chick hatches. They are now about 3-4 days old.
Will it work? I really couldn't take it if she hurt or killed one. They follow me around and come when I tap the floor. Does that mean they are imprinted on me, and will that stop them accepting the hen/the hen accepting them?
By the time the chick hatches they will be just over 1 week old.
If it does work, what would be the best way to do this?
Help appreciated.
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