Introducing chicks to coop


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7 Years
Nov 28, 2012
Please help....recently started raising three chickens, now 8 weeks old....placed them in the coop/run and none of them will stay in the coop....should I close all the doors and make them stay in?...they'll be ready to stay outside soon and I'm not sure how to encourage them into the coop...I've also noticed they shy away from the "gangplank" access to the coop....

wayne hulgan

8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
If you are moving them to the coop full time, I would lock them in for a few days, (4 or 5) This will let them know that the coop is now home. We just introduced 2 new members to our flock last week. We have a small pen inside the coop for new arrivals. We left them in with water and food for 4 days then turned them out. now they go in at night find a roost spot and go to bed. good luck and happy chicky day.

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