Introducing chicks to the rest of the flock

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by pullum, Oct 23, 2013.

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    I thought I'd start with some background first. One of my chooks was broody and hadn't been laying for some weeks. It was recommended to us that we get ourselves some 'day old' chicks for our hen to adopt -- well, she has taken to them quite well and has been looking after them superbly. My question now is, how old should the chicks be before we introduce them to the rest of the flock? Currently they are separated in a different coop away from one of our laying chooks and the young rooster. We are planning on getting rid of the rooster, though not sure when at this stage. Our fear is the rooster will terrorise the chicks and possibly kill them.

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    I introduce sooner rather than later, in fact I try to keep my broody with the flock so the chicks are hatched there. The momma takes care of anyone picking on her babies, and the other hens teach the chicks good flock manners and where they stand in the flock from day one, so you don't have introduction issues later.

    My roosters have never bothered the chicks, in fact they usually help momma protect them. A rooster that injured or killed chicks here would be culled immediately. Then again, so would a hen. We don't tolerate mean birds here.

    If you're worried about the rooster, and plan to get rid of him anyway....well, no time like the present!
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    Ok, that's good news. We are exchanging our rooster for a hen today, so I will look to introducing the chicks to the flock either today (Friday) or tomorrow (Saturday).

    Thanks for your advice!

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