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Mar 6, 2011
We've had 6 tetra tints for 2 days and just got a few rhode island reds and a plymouth rock today. Some of the tetras seem to be unhappy with their new brood mates. Is there something I can do to make it easier on my little ones? The newbies are only 24 hours old and the others are 5 days. They are doing a lot of pecking at one another. I sat with them for a good 30-45 minutes and reffed the situation and now they seem to be hanging out on different sides of the box. I have them in a 30gal rubbermade container and the have room to be away from one another. Help!
I introduce lots of chicks but never newly hatched to older ones. Mine have to be 3 days old before I put them in with any older ones. And some do fine with little chicks while others do not.
I try to be vigilant since I have about 6 brooders running all the time with at least 30 chicks in each.
Right now I actually have 2 Olive Eggers 3 weeks old in with about 30 1 wk old chicks and they are doing great. I seldom put that age difference together. But these 2 girls did not want to move down to the next age brooder with their flock and so I finally gave in and let them go back in with the babies. They basically ignore them and when they sit down most of the babies are all over them.

Another big factor is supplying plenty of room. I use big tubs or 6' water troughs for growing chicks.

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