Introducing duckling and getting her to bond.


9 Years
Oct 16, 2010
I have a two year old muscovy drake that I got without knowing that ducks should be kept in pairs. I purchased a 6 hour old female muscovy a couple days ago and do to rain I had to keep her inside. Because of this she is starting to bond with me and the rest of the family. I took her outside today and let her walk around and she wanted nothing to do with my adult drake. My question is what would be the best way to introduce her so she can bond with the drake while keeping her seperate from the male so he doesnt bite her. I keep my drake in a 20'x20' cage at night to protect him from foxes, and the only thing I could think of was to put her in a smaller cage and then put that cage into the drakes cage until she is bigger so she wont be eaten by predators.
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I'm not an expert, but from what I've learned and observed is that you should wait until she's almost full-sized before putting them together. I wouldn't leave her alone with him at all right now. For now, just keep her warm and give her love and food.

I think keeping her in a smaller cage nearby (but not in the same cage as the drake)probably won't hurt, though. Just make sure that she is kept warm at all time as ducklings can't keep themselves warm until they have feathers.
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The drake is a big softy, but I dont leave them alone at all and she also has a heat lamp available at all times.
Don't worry about them bonding at this point, just keep her wherever you can keep her safe and warm for now. They can be introduced once she's older just fine.
Wait until she is 12 weeks old and then introduce them. That way you don't have to worry about an attack, and she would be big enough to fend for herself. Also her joints are strong enough, if he wants to mount her. He could break her bones or dislocate her joints, if she is to young. So just wait until she it old enough and then introduce them to each other.
At this size, he is likely to think she is food!

If you have ever seen a duck thrashing around a big frog or similar in their bills, then imagine what he could do to this little duckling!

I agree you should wait until she is 3 months old, or when she will be sexually mature, and then you will have no worries about bonding, as she will be "up for it" and he will be so excited to see her! If they can spend time looking at each other through a fence or netting, for a period before they mix, then all the better.

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