Introducing ducklings


Apr 19, 2020
So I have three 6 week old pekins that are actually hatchlings of my 2 8 month old pekins. I have tried to introduce them three times so far the first was horrible. The 2nd and 3rd were a little better but my drake keeps biting at them. I don't want them to get hurt not sure if I just keep doing it each day till the get use to each other or not. I know one of the ducklings is female.
I also had to introduce ducklings to my flock. You want them to spend time together so they can watch leach other and learn that they aren’t bad. With my fence I made a circle and put the duckling in there so my bigger ones could watch them and learn their behaviors. Once you thing they are comfortable enough you can do a ground to ground introduction for about fifteen minutes each day. Which means put them all together in the same yard with enough space so they can run away and you have to watch carefully to break up any fights.

we had to put those bricks up because the little one would fit through the wholes and run away.

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