introducing ducks and geese to puppies

Ducks and geese7

Nov 20, 2018
Gallup, New Mexico
View attachment 1644184 I slowly introduced my labs to my ducklings. I had ducks in a wire cage to protect from dogs Incase and also so they could be around each other and get use to each other for several days before I let them out together. You may do something like that maybe even vise verse with puppies in kennel and ducks out since they are full grown. Good luck. I attached a picture from when I introduced them.
I do have the puppies places in a area that is next to the ducks. I'm hoping they will be used to each other.
Btw you have beautiful dogs.


Jan 15, 2019
Contra costa county California
i have introduced my wolfhound , 2 staffordshire terriers, and a Australian cattle dog.
like others have said above , keep then on a leash for the first few encounters and get them used to them , let them watch you interact with the ducks and eventually they will just get used to them.
I have usually introduced my dogs to my ducks at the ducks area , that way the ducks feel more at home and in a safe place.
my Aussie cattle dog actually used to herd my runners into a little circle and just observe them , it was good fun to watch !

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