Introducing injured chicken back to coop...

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  1. Elocin

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I thank you all SO much for helping me with my coyote attack a few weeks ago!
    Its been 2 weeks and her wound is scabbed over completley, the smell of infection is gone, and everything is just healing really well. Her limping has gotten alot better also!

    My question is, when should I put her back into the coop? Im guessing I should wait till her wound gets skin back over it, it is underneath her wing so im thinking I dont have to wait for feathers to grow back.. and I dont think the others will peck at her spot since its somewhat hidden. I let her run outside about a week ago with the other chickens and they all were pecking at her like they didnt know her so Im worried they wont accept her back in...

    She also is missing almost all her tail feathers except for maybe one long one sticking out.. will the others peck at that???

    Thanks again for all the help! She probably wouldnt have survived if it werent for you all!
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    Mar 31, 2010
    Southern Illinois
    It does seem like they forget a member of their flock when they've been gone awhile. Before putting them actually back in the same coop/run, I like to let them begin to socialize first. I do this by placing them next to the run, separated by chicken wire. They seem to get used to each other, so when you actually put them together there isn't a problem. I usually give this a few days or so. Then when they are placed back, I watch them for anything suspisions. Right before roost seems to be a good time to place them in the coop. You'll also need to be ready to let them out at first light the next day. I think I'd trim that one tail feather, no need risking it. They seem to pick at the out of usual type stuff. Wishing you the best.
  3. Elocin

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    Sep 27, 2010
    I let her run around by herself for awhile and she wouldnt go near the others in the coop. Then I let all of them out together and at first they were doing fine, it seems like shes extremely scared of everything around her right now though. There was one chicken that did start pecking at her and grabbing her. I let it do a few pecks but then had to separate her to a farther area because I dont need the other chickens puncturing her wound open again! Im going to try letting her out with everyone every day and hope theyll all be together again before winter comes.
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    May 26, 2009
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    I wasn't dealing with an injured hen... but I did have a tough time getting my small flock to accept Maxine after she had been broody. I had seperated her so she could hatch... we kept her in the house. Once the chicks were old enough, we let them out in the yard with the other girls. Mom was very protective and no rough stuff went on. We let her keep the chicks for a couple weeks, then they went to their forever home. As soon as the babies were gone, my other girls gave her a hard time. I guess it took about 2 weeks before I felt comfortable with them in the coop and run together unsupervised. I knew it was going to be okay when I came home from work on day, went out to check on her... and found Henrietta, the one who had been picking on her the most, with a bald backend and feathers absolutely everywhere (including mixed amongst Maxine's white feathers). They are silkies... Henrietta is a red and Maxine is white... and she was covered in Henrietta's feathers.

    Everyone has gotten along ever since.

    When Maxine has had enough... she has had enough!

  5. cluckcluck42

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    Oct 4, 2009
    I had a hen that was in a bad molt (lost a lot of feathers by a dog attack) and she was in the house for more than a week. I let her outside once to go get some fresh air and another hen attacked her. These guys never have any issues normally. She ran back in the house and went into her cage.

    I put her in the coop in the middle of the night, let the birds out the next morning and there has been no fighting or anything. Chickens are a little dumb and if you put them back in at night they don't seem to realize anyone was ever missing. I dunno, but it works. I do it this way every time I introduce new animals. Always works.

    Wait until she is 100% back to normal before putting her back though.

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