Introducing Lady Rosalind


15 Years
Apr 4, 2008
Tucson AZ
Today one of the chicks stood out as being more curious and more adventuresome than the others. I spent a good hour watching and "interacting" with the chicks. I can now tell them apart. And have named them. Lady Rosalind is darker and weighs less than her sister Roxanne.

Here are some photos of Lady Rosalind.

Sitting on the edge of a basket


Sitting way up high on the handle of the basket.
she looks like she is sitting on the head of the other little chick.

And here she is taking a nap on the edge of the basket.
She's going to be a very pretty hen too.
Your cage is made of what my 6x6x6 V-trap for starlings and English house sparrows is made of, PVC pipe and the green-plastic wire from Home Depot.
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This morning we had a bit of rain, so the chicks will be staying in the coop today, the run is dry so I opened the pop door to say good morning to them, and to my great delight, the chick I spent the most time with yesterday, Lady Rosalind, came running to the open door and sat on the ledge, as if to say "Hi!", I picked her up, she was not thrilled, but she needs to get used to it anyhow.

I was just too happy!! Today I will try to give them all more attention. The Buff Orpingtons, are 10 days younger, and real baby babies. They are sooooooo soft!! and so calm and easy to pick up and hold.
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aaaawwww what a precious girl. I think she will probably lay in that basket if you let her keep it. hehehehe

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