Introducing Light Brahmas to Established RIReds- need your help

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    I have 3 RI Reds that are about 1.5 years old. This spring we got 2 day old light brahma (LB) chicks which are now 18 weeks old . The Light Brahmas are taller but not likely yet as heavy as the RIRs .
    For the past 2 months their coops have been side by side separated by only hardwire cloth. The Brahma's slept on a roost in their coop. For the past month they have ranged around a together on the occasional day in an protected area (400sq ft). The RIReds have run the Brahma around and have pecked at them but nothing serious.

    We finally decided to really introduce them (at 18 weeks) by placing them on the roost at night. For the past 2 days the Ri Reds plucked all their leg feathers off and caused some minor leg wounds. The Brahmas are not going into the coop at night but are rather staying in the enclosed run at night sleeping on the ground. Last night I crawled to the far end of the enclosed run and brought them into the coop and placed them on the roost. They were slow to leave the coop in the am. The hid in a protected corner

    tonight same thing. They are under the coop sleeping on the ground.

    My question is whether I should crawl into the enclosed run, grab and place the Brahmas on the roost or let them figure it out/be accepted by RIReds out on their own

    Thanks for posting your opinions

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