Introducing more chicks to the group, HELP!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kressg23, Jun 9, 2008.

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    May 12, 2008
    Hi All,
    Well, it's about that time, but I admit I'm stressing out!! I have 14 new babies coming on the 25th and I have 2 six-week-old RIRs here inside my house living in a big Rubbermaid tote. I have 4 bantam chickens outside in the coop and they are about 10 weeks old. My dh and I thought we better start thinking about introducing the RIRs to the bantys, but man... the two times we've taken them out to the coop have NOT gone well at all. I've got my black dutch banty roo who is the top guy. There is 1 hen and 2 other roos whom we thought were hens till just a couple weeks ago... When we've taken the RIRs out, the main roo goes crazy... he starts darting toward them, then clamps down on their necks. We've only allowed this to happen 1 time each of the 2 times we've taken them out, and only because we couldn't get between them fast enough. I understand that we need to let nature play a part here, but I refuse to let my roo hurt these younger chicks. Also, the RIRs are outgrowing the tote, and my carpet is going to need replaced if I keep letting them get out to stretch their wings. lol Thankfully it's only for a little while at night and we clean up after them very well.

    Of note, both times we've taken them out, my dh and I have sat in there with them for at least an hour. The roo calms down substantially once we let him know that we won't let him hurt them. But I know that if we weren't in there, he would kill them.

    So, what can I do to ease this transition? Especially since we'll be having to do it again with the babies once they get here and are old enough to go outside. Thanks for any replies!
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    We were having the same problem with our Maran roo and our the new Golden Comets. Luckily, we still had the brooder that he had just come out of and it still had his scent in there. An older "chicken lady" told me to put them in the brooder or rub him with a towel then rub them. Even if they looked new and strange they would have his scent on them. It worked. We left them in the big brooder for a couple hours, then moved the to the new area with him and the other chicks. He didn't grab them by the necks anymore, or act like he was flogging them. He pecked them a few times to let them know he was in charge but did not make them bleed, but then he tolerated them. He's no longer pecking them, but it's obvious they are the bottom of the pecking order. I did notice today they are starting to feel their wheaties and stand up to him a little though. So good for them. He's just really bossy. But I am proud of my roo, too. He's not even two months old yet and he's the definite leader and protector of this ever growing flock.

    I do still have 5 tiny babies that I can't put in there with the others yet, but I will try the same thing when I am ready to put them in.

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