Introducing Neve and her new flock too

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  1. I got a second LGD, a Maremma pup that I will raising up to help protect my poultry. Some of you may recall I rescued an adult Maremma early this year and he has been a fantastic asset! Sadly I think he is older than I was led to believe so I got the pup for him to show the ropes too while he still can.

    This is Neve (NEV-ee) which is Italian for snow.



    and this is Scarchi the one I rescued


    and these are the 100 ISA Brown chicks I just got a few days ago, they will be my new layer flock for the dogs to take care of, first big layer flock of this property, I could only move my heritage breeds when I first came.

  2. SpottedCrow

    SpottedCrow Flock Goddess

    Welcome back April!!!
    What a cute pup. I'm sure she'll be a great help to you and Scarchi.
  3. Royicus

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    Jul 21, 2007
    Western Oregon
    Awww, cute dog!
  4. silkiechicken

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    OH my gosh! I want 100 chicks and a dog to go with them!!!
  5. Hi Spotted. I have been around just not posting as much. I sure hope she will be a good one, how do you tell at 6 weeks really, the whole litter was cute of course so I just took one that seemed to be attentive without being totally in overdrive.

    Anyway with the group I'll have my hands full for the winter but by the time the days get long I should eggs galore and a flock guardian well in the making.

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