Introducing New Birds to my Flock


9 Years
Apr 27, 2010
North Carolina
We have 5 Buffed Orpinton's that are about 2 years old. Great layers and very friendly birds. Recently we introduced 5 Wyondottes that are about 16 weeks old. I expected a few skirmishes so as the Wyondottes grew we let them free range with BO's thinking it would help the introduction.

They now have been sharing the coop and run for about 2 weeks and still having some skirmish here and there. Two of the BO's seem to be more agressive than the others and do most of the chasing. When they head for the coop at night one of the BO will not let the Wyondottes in until all the BO's are in first.

While free ranging they act like two separate flocks. I see moments when they are together and calm but for the most part two groups. Can I expect that at some point they will become one flock or should I expect them to always be separate? Anything I should or can do to help unite these two chicken gangs?:/
Patience, time will make them one flock. Do human teenagers hang out with anyone not their own age with out being forced? If there is no fighting going on there its good.

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