Introducing New Birds?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by manaze88, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Hello. I have five 11 month old EE's, and was looking at adding a couple more. In the process of deciding to go with 2 new chicks, I came across a local selling 18 month old pasture hens (Red Sex Link, I believe). The birds are reported as being friendly, so I think they might be okay, but I have two questions....

    1. If I bring these back, should I put them away from my birds for any amount of time (quarantine)? I don't really have a spot to keep them, so I'm not so sure this would work well. If it's one of those "you'd be stupid not to" type of things, then I wouldn't want to fudge on it and risk the health of my current five.

    2. Regardless of quarantine, is it worse to try and bring two older girls in to the mix, versus picking up new chicks instead? I've observed my girls over the past 11 months, and to be honest, I couldn't tell you the pecking order. Just when I think one is the boss, I'm proven wrong by anothers behaviour or attitude. My concern is that older hens may have something to say over five younger hens, despite being told they are very mild mannered and good with kids.

    I have a co-worker that offered to take them from me if they didn't mesh well with the current flock. SO I'm only 1/2 worried about that. Given my current girls are very mild mannered, and the breed I'm considering is mild mannered, I'm not so sure it's so much to worry about.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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