Introducing new chick to brooder


Apr 24, 2017
East Tennessee
I have 7 one-week-old chicks. I am wanting to add one more to my flock, but it would be from a different supplier. I can get one that is very close to the same age as mine. I am a new Mother Hen and am not sure if this is doable, or advisable. Or should I wait until my chicks are in their coop before trying to introduce a new chick?
I have no experience with adding new chicks to the brooder, but...
At one week old and adding a newbie of the same age - IMO it is doable. But add a wire divider with separate feeder/waterer - and be ready to separate if you see a problem. At that young age, likely integration will not be difficult.

Hopefully someone with experience will show up with their opine.

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