Introducing New chick


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10 Years
Apr 24, 2009
I have an RIR layer. Just got a few week old barred rock and my RIR is so mean to her! I get the pecking order but this is like the Bully order!
What should I do to introduce new chick? All she wants to do is go under or sit on RIR.
We have 2-one year olds and 2 eight-week olds. The queen of our roost is mean to the chicks, too (the other hen doesn't seem to mind them at all). We are keeping them separated until the little ones are bigger and could hold their own if things get ugly.

We are going to put them together for a little bit every few days, though, so that they will at least have seen each other. We hope to have them all together and getting along before the chicks start laying - sometime this fall.

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