introducing new chickens to a flock with a Broody hen?

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    Hello everybody,

    I’ve got a small flock that gets along very well, with 3 golden comets, a bantam Rhode Island and a silkie (all hens). I’ve also got a silkie rooster, who is the biggest baby in the world. One of my golden comets runs the coop, then the other two Golden’s -> silkie rooster -> silkie hen -> bantam in terms of the pecking order that’s been established.

    I have a nice coop that has a nice indoor area with plenty of nesting boxes and an outside covered run that connects to it. My silkie REFUSES to sleep inside and my rooster ends up basically straddling her every night while everyone sleeps inside. My silkie has been broody and next week will be hatch day! This is my first hatch and I’m concerned about her keeping the chicks out in the run with everyone else. She hasn’t been bothered thus far, but I’m unfamiliar with how other hens react to chicks.

    Additionally, there is a polish and Cochin available near me that i’d love to adopt and add to my flock, but again, I’m worried that a new pecking order getting figured out may risk my chicks! Do any of you have any advice? Obviously separating them would work but I’m not in a financial position to establish a new tractor or hutch in the next 7 days. Sorry for the long shpeel, figures it was worth reaching out to you folks!
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    Just keep an eye out for the first few days and separate if the big girls or roo aren't playing nice You can pop up a temporary barrier on the cheap if needed - some trellis or mesh on some staked bamboo should do the trick. My girls are generally good at respecting any 'implied' barrier as long as it's not too low. When roaming, they respect a 2' tall barrier, but I've gone for at least 4' when barricading inside the coop.
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    Not sure where you are or the weather is like but Lizzy kinda said it if the peeps look threatened my silkie if they have peeps will quit sitting on eggs to care for the new peeps
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    She's brooding eggs out in the run?
    Maybe I misunderstood.

    How big is your coop and run, in feet by feet?
    Dimensions and pics would help immensely here.

    How old are these birds?
    Integrating new birds works best with a separate space anyway.
    And concerns for bringing pests and disease into our flock should be a consideration also. Sounds like you may not be ready to add more birds to your flock....other than the chicks that will hatch.
    Got a plan for the males that will hatch?
    Have you candled the eggs to see how they are developing?
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