Introducing New chickens to my current flock.


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
Alaska, MatSu
last june I picked up 3 RIR and 2 Golden Comets and then a month later picked up 5 more Barred Rocks. Well after a month I was able to introduce them and over 4 days of letting them run with the big birds (big enuph lol) they started to all get along and I could let them run all the time. But this was when they were much smaller than they are now.

Well yesterday I picked up a 2 year old rooster and a 6month old rooster along with 2 hens. I was wondering if any of you have any ideas on properly introducing them since now my birds are much bigger than they use to be and these (with the exception of the one rooster) are already full adults. Is there any thing I need to be aware of? any tricks? Also I do have a 4.5 month old goose that is already bigger than the 2 year old barred Rock rooster, those two are the ones Im kinda worrying about. The goose already has the "alpha" mentallity. Atm the 4 new chickens are in a seperate pen that is close to the other cage so they can all get use to seeing each other. Im hoping this will help when I introduce them.

Thanks for any imput.

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