Introducing New Chickens

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7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
I noticed there were a lot of threads on this topic, but was hoping I could get some answers very specific to my situation. I had a flock of 4 Speckled Sussex hens, about 1.5 years old. Unfortunately, a fox got 2 of them over 5 days. Friends temporarily took the remaining 2 for us so that we could reinforce the coop. In hindsight this was an awful decision, as their flock killed one of them. I now have a lone hen and would like to get her a new companion or two.

After losing the one chicken to bullying by the flock, I am very concerned about introducing new chickens to my hen. Would it be safer to add 1 or 2? Should I go with some younger pullets? A rooster is not an option...

Thank you for any advice!!
I think it would be safer to get 2, but im not sure on that....
You can go w/ younger pullets, just make sure the young ones are still big enough to defend themselves.
And just make sure you introduce them more slowley si they have time to know whats going on.

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