Introducing New Chicks to Existing Flock


Jul 7, 2016
Hello Everyone!

I bought chicks yesterday that are about a month old in hopes of expanding my existing flock. The flock currently consists of 6 medium sized hens who jave just begun to lay and 1 rooster. When would it be safe for me to add the new babies to the flock?
If you just throw them in, they'll be regarded as intruders and it won't be pretty.

Can you divide the space with fencing so they can see each other without the littles being vulnerable to attack? If so, that's a good first step. Then, you can add doorways too small for the adults but big enough for the small ones. That lets them visit the adults and then run back to safety when they feel threatened. They'll gradually work their way into the adult flock.
Yes, I could definitely do something like that. That is a really good idea. I hadn't thought about making something with doors just large enough for the babies.

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