Introducing new chicks to the brooder- What to do?


9 Years
May 14, 2011
Oakland, California
Hi, Just got our first cuties. 1 BO, 1 Maran, and 1 Cochin Banty. In a few days we will get 2 Amercaunas. Are there any issues with bringing in two more chicks to a very tight nit threesome. Pecking order has already been established by the end of day one. They will be about 7-10 days apart in age. I'd hate to see chick fights in the brooder. Although, I think my DH may find it entertaining:/
I have added chicks to brooders with other chicks as much as 3 weeks difference in age. They'll do fine. Yes, the pecking order will have to be reestablished, but they'll survive that experience.
Good to know. Thanks

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