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Sep 10, 2013
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New coop almost finished, 12 chicks, now 16 weeks, have been roosting in the run all summer in spite of having two small coops within the 20 x 10 dog kennel run. They use the coops for their siestas, and for dusting in the shavings. About to open up to a new winterized coop they will "hopefully" all sleep in. Going to take out the highest roosting bars in the pen, probably going to have to catch them when they chill out at dusk and put them in New coop, right? Should I remove the small coops to encourage them to like the new coop? Or leave them as part of the playground?
I would close the unused coops in order to force them into the new one. Place the food in the new coop. You may need to put them in the new coop one night, so that they wake up in their new home.

I have two coops, but keep the second one closed all the time. I don't want them to create a mess for me to clean in the second coop. When I merged the two flocks, they all moved into the old coop. I took the hint and closed the second coop.

Good thinking, why would I want to clean two coops? Your two flocks merged of their own volition? My chicks were born a week a part and lived in separate brooders for 3 to 4 weeks, they barely comingle, unless foraging outside or frightened by something.
Hmmm yes I'd say only have the one you want open. Put them in if you are able to handle yours and close them for a day. They should go back then.

I am looking at this too... but I put the old "little comercial coop" INSIDE as I am building the new one. So they go in the new coop already but when time comes I will close the little one before roosting time. I want to use it as a broody/new introduction coop. Here are photos of the little coop AND how I put it on slab for new one and am building around it. Transition should be easy by just closing the little coop early (they lay in the boxes in there for now).


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Thanks, you must be so excited, your new coop will certainly hold Alot more chickens! I love that they will be acclimated before you are even done. Not sure how to tell DH want to keep old coop,"just in case" as he doesn't get chicken math.

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