Introducing new ducklings to older flock.


10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
I have 9 older Welsh Harlequins. I got 7 kahki campbell ducklings. I raised them in the house for awhile, but when they got bigger I penned them in a corner of the duck house with the older ducks, but I haven't let them together yet. The older ducks are let out during the day and I let the young ones have the run of the coop during that time. I put them back in their corner when I let the older ducks back in at night.

The young ones are almost a foot tall now. I'd like to start integrating them with the older ducks. Part of my concern is that the young ones are crazy frightened maniacs. When I walk in the coop they start tearing around like I'm going to strangle them all. They would love the pond, but if I let them out I don't know if I'll ever see them again.

Any ideas?
I think I would introduce them to a couple of your older females that are the most docile and gentle. Keep them in the run and supervise them. Do this a little more each day and add another older female. Also, what happens when you let the ducklings out of the pen? Do they follow you around as the mother duck? Or do they take off in another direction running away from you? I have found that if you establish yourself as the mother duck from the start, then they will following and even come when you call. I have a pretty ridiculous high pitched call that all my birds recognize. Problem is, nobody in the family can imitate it so I'm the only one that can call them up!
No, they pretty much respond to me as the big bad wolf. None of my ducks are particularly friendly.

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