Introducing New ducklings to other Grown Ducks. HELP?


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May 29, 2011
Ok so I'm asking for some advice here. We hatched some Pekin ducklings on Sunday, just two, and well I'm asking when should I let them go out with their 'parents' we just have a male and a female Pekins. Would it be ok?

oh and while I'm here. The female, I hear Pekins aren't known for being good hatchers but ever since the duckling hatched, the eggs that Shes been laying she's sat on them, she only comes out in the morning and then goes right back to them. Do you think she'll
hatch them? hope so, that means more ducklings!!
I wouldnt put them in with the parents. The PARENTS dont know these are their kids. You are more or less going to have to wait till the babies are grown to put them all in together or they might kill them!!!
I have week old ducklings in a cage in the duck shack. When I let the lil ones out Saturday they ran as fast as posible in to the center of the flock which irked the bigger ones and they tried pecking and laying their necks over the little ones and pushing them under the water--not cool. I wouldn't leave them unsupervised.

My biggest ducks took to the middle group much better, but the mallards were feathered and the sweeds are nearly the same size as the 3 nearly grown ones when we introduced them. There was light pecking the first day or two, now they are a happy bunch--except when the fluff balls come tearing through!
hmm, figured, well I guess we're going to have to look for different shelter for them, I don't think we'd be able to keep them inside that long. I guess we're probably going to have to have scheduled yard time): till they're grown and able to defend themselves at least.

well thanks:)

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