Introducing new hens/pullets to existing hen


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Jun 7, 2010
Hi all,
I had three black australorp hens but have sadly lost 2 of them, likely due to moldy food. The surviving hen is awfully lonely and breaking my heart. Once I know she's okay and it wasn't a disease killing the others off, I'd like to introduce new chickens to her. I'm interested in getting an Aracauna and Golden Comet or Barred Rock to replace the two I lost. But is it okay to mix breeds like that? And is it okay to introduce pullets to our 1year old hen or should we get older hens? Any advice is welcome!


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Jul 6, 2007
My Austrolop was always friendly with my barred rock, they were about the same size. I think it is easier to introduce the same size hens to each other. That said, I 'd be very careful about where you get your hens from. I know the experts on the site insist upon a quarantine period, I think 4 weeks at least. I would only take hens from people that I know have raised hens from chicks and have not introduced other adult hens into their flock. I know that really limits me, but I don't have room, or the heart for a 4 week quarantine, and I've had chickens that have introduced lice, worms and mites into my flock that took me a loooong time to get rid of.

It is sad to see the one lonely hen, that is why I ended up getting those other adult birds against my better judgement and lived to regret it, but hopefully you won't.


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Apr 22, 2010
Yes it is fine I have all 48 of my chickens of all different breeds together. I would introduce the chickens that are the same size too. My sure you do keep separated for 30 days to make sure of any diseases like karyi said. I would say Pullets kind of close to laying age would be ok but not to young. But just for pecking war advice if you do get some new ones just make sure you introduce in groups instead of doing it bird by bird, it gives the established flock for to focus on so not everyone is going after one bird, and your new birds will have the strangth in numbers. I found it a lot easier.
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