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    Aug 9, 2010
    I am sure there must be other posts here, but couldn't find them, so sorry if this has been discussed before...
    I had 5 golden comets, but one got attacked by a raccoon. I was thinking of getting one or two new pullets. Questions:

    -Is it hard to introduce a new hen into the brood? My other 4 are all identical...would they freak out if I got a different breed?

    -Would bringing two rather than one make it easier?

    -My girls are very placid, never give me any issues. If the other one (or two) I got are also a placid breed, would it help? Hurt?

    Any advice?

  2. austinandkara

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    I think it all depends on the individual chicken. I would get two, just so they atleast have each other when they are being introduced. Also, I would introduce them gradually. If you have an extra pen where you could put the new hens/pullets that would be ideal. That way the chickens could see each other through the fence and get used to each other being there. I have read before that if you get chickens that looked like the ones that died you can sneak them in at night while the others are sleeping and when they wake up they will just think those are the old chickens-I have no idea if that works, I just read it somewhere.
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    I would get at least two chickens to replace the one you lost this way you won't have a lone sad chicken. when I get new chickens I usually keep them in the same coop seperated from the others by chickenwire (after keeping them under quarantine for two weeks of course). Then I wait two to three weeks before I put them together all the way, by then they should be used to each other. There will still be chasing and pecking but it will get less and less as a new pecking order is established.
    Works for me, good luck.

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