Introducing new kitten to older cats


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Jan 26, 2007
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I have mixed feelings about this so I just wondered what others think. We had four cats for years; two were brother/ sister, and the other two were mother/ son. The two that were mother/ son were both stray cats who adopted us. In the past two years, two have died; the brother (at age 13) and the mother (age 12). The remaining two are son RiffRaff, who is 8 years old now. He was extremely close to our other male cat, Inky, who died. Those two were never apart. After Inky died, RiffRaff adjusted, but is obviously lonely. He still had his mother though. She died last month, so that leaves RiffRaff and Tippit. Tippit is 15 years old, she is my cat, very possessive, very spoiled, very clingy. She tolerates RiffRaff but is jealous of him around me and will chase him away if he tries to share my affection; however, she will tolerate him hanging out with her or when eating, or they sometimes lie together on the bed or wherever. I am very familiar with how to introduce a new kitten to existing cats, and have done so successfully a few times. Another family member has a stray cat with kittens and shes trying to rehome them, so she brought them over last weekend. RiffRaff did come in the room when they were here and seemed to have no objection at all. It's for him that we want the kitten, as we feel like he is so lonely. However, I'm worried about Tippit with a new kitten. If we get him (and it is a him, so Tippit will still be queen)....he will stay in a room on his own for the first week, and be introduced by degrees to the house and the other cats over the next month. Something is bugging me about doing this though. I want to get the kitten for RiffRaff, but I just am uneasy about it. I don't want Tippit to create a huge problem or start spraying. Thoughts?


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In my experience, as you can see by my avatar,,, cats do get used to new stock and do tolerate each other. That does not mean that they will necessarily be BFF's but learn to live and accept.
BTW,,, all my kitties are feral rescues:old
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:


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In my experience... doing what you plan on doing which is what I do. My last cat(stray/feral but you couldn't tell once my daughter got ahold of him) (cuddie). who disappeared itself end of December tolerated the kitten(cuddle bug.). we found along the road 2 years ago.. he did play with him when he wanted to but it had to be his choice, if he didn't want to play he hissed. now we just got another kitten because of the one disappearing and cuddle bug hissed for a couple day when we had the kitten out of the room to play and spoil. Now he is trying to gently play with the new one. Mokey.. yep my cats have weird names
.. lol

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