Introducing new roo to flock of hens and chicks

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    Dec 20, 2010
    Hi all
    Have 13x 12 week old chicks, 2 hens and another 2 hens sitting. All are bantams; chicks are silkie x pekins. I want to get a rooster so am looking for advice on what age roo I should get and how to introduce him to the flock. Am wanting to breed off him next summer. thanks
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    Sep 2, 2010
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    We inadvertently added 2 cockerels and 5 hens to our established, older 3 hens. (The cockerels' were supposed to be hens). We did it slowly...lot's of meet and greet time in a separate pen within the run. Once the young'uns were about 12-13 weeks, we let them run riot. The hen's are still at the top of the order, they will occasionally tolerate the roo's mounting them, but otherwise give them a what for and chase them down. Pecking order was re-established and one of the roo's is going (pain in the butt). The roo's were much bigger than the older hen's at 12-13 weeks. Worked for us, but the meet and greet is essential. I would also raise the roo from a chick so he really knows you well and realizes you are TOP roo right from the start.
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