Introducing one chicken to another...??????


Poultry In Motion
10 Years
Sep 16, 2009
Dover, TN
I have been reading about integrating chickens into a new flock. I understand about keeping them separate to avoid the spread of any possible disease but here is my question.

I had two layers. One met her end the other day which leaves me with one hen. I have 4 four week old chicks. The older hen is mourning the loss of her sister and totally ignores the babies. I would like to get her another hen to have as company. How do I introduce chickens on a one-to-one basis v. "a flock"?

You would still need to quarantine any new bird for a minimum of 30 days. And, the 4-week olds are much too young to introduce to a full grown hen. It's a quandary, to be sure. I think if it were me, I'd try to get a full grown hen from a RELIABLE source...someone you know well, that practices the same bio security that you do, and maybe find a friend for her that way?

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