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    About 5 or 6 ago we started our flock with 5 chicks (2 easter eggers, 2 golden-laced wyandottes and 1 black sex link), brooded them and moved them to the coop a couple weeks ago - Our weather has been warm, there was a heat lamp in the hen house and they were almost fully feathered. They've been doing great and getting noticeably bigger each day.

    A friend of mine needed to re-home a young hen and we took her in a few days ago. We've been letting her free range during the day (she jumped the temporary fence we put up) and our chicks are still in the run of the coop. At night the hen roosts in the coop but does not go into the hen house. Instead she roosts on one of the bars in the corner of the coop. She chases after some of the chicks and the chicks occasionally follow her around but then run away from her. They've pecked each other but mostly to get space from each other. It doesn't last very long and it's not super aggressive in behavior. Tomorrow I plan on throwing some scratch/treats in the coop and see if they start to warm to each other over it.

    Is there anything else I can do? Anyone with advice, suggestions, experience to share? Thanks in advance!
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    I think that by saying 'coop', you might mean 'run'...and 'hen house' really means 'coop'?

    Coop is where they sleep locked up safe and sound at night....Run is a fenced area attached to coop where they spend the days confined when not free ranging(if one free ranges).

    Size of coop and run can play a big part with integration...they need lots of space and places to hide/get away from aggressors. Spreading scratch, spread wide and far, can be fine....but Ken is correct that food/water is where alot of fights happen. Multiple food/water stations is very helpful during integration.

    A single grown hen being put in with chicks is not a typical integration.

    Read up on integration..... BYC advanced search>titles only>integration
    This is good place to start reading:
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    I use scratch as an integration tool all the time. I fling it far and wide so that everybody can get in on the food search, and there are so many options for pecking fun that the old biddies are too busy to bother harrassing the youngsters.

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