Introducing pullets - 5 and 10 weeks old


May 28, 2020
Hi Folks,
I am new to the forum and to chics. Had a friend hatch 4 chics for me and they are now ~5 weeks old and I am confident i have 1 cockerel and likely a second one. I can't keep a rooster so will be taking them back to my friend so he can keep or place them in a good home. We really would like to have a minimum of 4 hens. Our TS store had sex linked golden comets last time we were there. My question is, at this age with my existing girls and getting 2-3 new pullets, what is the best way to get them to socialize and become a community? Not sure at what age or size there is a risk of picking or if the current age difference would be an issue if the new girls are ~5 weeks when they go into the coop and the existing girls would be ~10 weeks. Thanks in advance for the advice.


8 Years
Nov 23, 2013
Northern South America
I think they could probably go together if some are 5 weeks and the others 10 weeks.

Generally, chicks only pick when they are too crowded.

If you get two new pullets, put the two pullets in a different part of the coop where the existing chickens can see them and get used to their presence.

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