Introducing roo to existing flock

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    Usually I know things like this but I feel like I need a second opinion.

    Friends of ours can no longer keep their Brahma roo who is approx 16-18 weeks old. Too much crowing for the neighbors.
    We live in the country and have had fox issues so our flock had dwindled down to 7 hens. No roos.
    The roo is disease free and very healthy but segregated from my flock right now.
    My question is...what is the best way to do the introduction without everyone killing eachother???

    I don't want bloodshed, and I don't want to upset my hens, but I wouldn't mind having this roo either. He is enormous compared to my hens.
    I have some Columbian wyandottes and SLW and he towers over them. [​IMG]

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thank you!!
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