Introducing rooster into flock


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Langley, Washington
I have a small flock of 3 hens. I'll probably get some more hens this spring/summer. My current hens are about 2 and a half years old, currently not laying. I have been offered a very nice roo. I've never had one before. Do I have enough hens for him? Will it be hard to introduce him into the flock? I am feeling kind of sorry to bring in a roo when my poor hens have never been subjected to one before. Should I hold off and get a roo later when I have newer hens?

This is a very nice roo and I know they are hard to come by so am kind of hating to pass him by.

Also, I've been told that roos protect the flock. How much 'protecting' do they actually do and what do they protect from?
Gwen, roosters are great. One bit of advice, make sure he is mature, as in over a year old. The older girls will resent a cockeral of under a year and will stress everyone, including you. A mature cock will simply take charge and treat the older girls with respect. He most likely will not be hard on the number of hens you have as it`s the young guys that behave like teenage boys with hormones raging. To introduce him, quarrentine him for 3-4 weeks to be sure he didn`t bring an unseen disease to your yard, then just turn him loose with the girls. May be a little bickering at first, but he will take charge and make you glad you got him. The extent of protection varies somewhat depending on the rooster. Most will keep the flock together and warn of flying predators, but don`t expect him to challenge a fox as he will run like the hens. Some will stand their ground and fight to the death to protect their girls, but these are few and far between. One more thing, if you have the need to handle the hens, catch the rooster first. They come pre programed to defend hens that are squaking. It may seem like aggression to you, but a rooster that won`t come to his ladies defence isn`t worth having. Enjoy the boy.......Pop

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