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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by CarolinaGirl, Jun 1, 2008.

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    Apr 14, 2008
    The 2 ducklings have got to move out of my office. Soon. No matter how much I clean them, it still stinks horribly. The chicks don't smell nearly as much. Whew.:eek:

    So here's my question, can I introduce them to the flock or do I need to break out the power tools and assemble something for these guys? They're 4 weeks old, Pekin and Rouen.

    Keep in mind, my flock is a mixture of chickens and ducks right now. Well, duck. Hence these 2. The chickens and duck are only 16 weeks old right now if that helps. Of course, I would introduce them in a wire cage I have right now, not just toss them in.

    And if that doesn't sound safe, how and when could I introduce them to my single crested white pekin girl? She's the reason I bought them but quite honestly, she seems very content with her hens that she was raised with so now I'm torn about seperating her. [​IMG] She even sleeps snuggled up to "her" EE hens.

    My original plan was to seperate ducks and chickens but now that plan has morphed into free ranging (in my chain link fenced back yard!) everyone together seeing as they were raised that way and that's how I've always kept my guys. But until then, they're in a huge coop (10x20 walk-in house) and a 10x15 run attached to that for now.

    [​IMG] Help me work this out!
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    Can you take them out while you are out there to supervise? When we have little stinkers, we put them out on nice days and bring them inside or in the garage at night for a week or so to get them acclimated to outside. Usually they will stick together and the others will leave them alone, depending on the amount of area you have.

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