introducing two silkies to my flock of easter eggers


Mar 12, 2015
My existing flock is about four months old, 8 hens. My mother in law got my kids each a silkie for easter, but they have been kept at the farm until we knew for sure which were hens since I live in town and not allowed to have roosters. I am supposed to pick them up this week, and my plan is to add a small fenced area right up against my existing run for the new birds to live in for a week until they are used to seeing each other. Space is limited and there is really no good way to fence off some of the existing run, so I think this is the best way to go about it. My question is, does this sound OK to you experienced flock mixers? I'm also concerned about the silkies being smaller than my ees and my top hen can be pretty mean.
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