Introducing 'Vulture Hocks' to a line

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Hi! I had heard of Vulture Hocks and seen pics of Vulture Hocks, but never saw them in person til I hatched this guy:


He is from one of my Naked Neck Frizzle Green-Egger project pens. He didn't inherit a naked neck or frizzle, but was cute and personable enough to keep --- and I couldn't figure out *why* he looked so different. Then I realized it is Vulture Hocks!
I love the extra feathers!
I read it is undesirable in breeds except Sultans and Booted Bantams.
I'm curious, is it detrimental in any way (other than SOP)?
Does it just 'pop up' from out-of-the-blue often?
I searched and see it is an issue showing up in Brahmas and Marans. The breeds in this guys 'background' are Naked Neck, Silkie, Cochin, Ameraucana, Jersey Giant. I've crossed and back-crossed and hatched manymany chicks, but he is the first I've seen.
I think it would be a fun addition to the project.

I imagine the hard hock feathers have the same amount of frizzle as wing feathers. Some curl, but not so much?

From what I read it is recessive.
If I wanted to propogate this trait I should mate him with 2 *not so closely related* hens, and the chicks could be carrying the VH (for lack of better) gene. Mating thse offspring will give me a % of VH children or mating the female offspring back to the VH guy will give me a higher %.
Thanks for any help or insight!



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It doesn't pop up, you got it from the Cochin. I've known plenty Cochins out there with vulture hocks.

It isn't a bad thing, really, as long as you don't plan to show him. (course, he's a mutt

If vulture hocks are recessive, I'd mate him to whoever you please. You'll eventually find with "test" breedings who in the end carries a recessive or not by seeing what percentage of offspring will have it or not.

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