Introducing young rooster


6 Years
Jun 29, 2013
I have 6 barnevelder pullets which are 11 weeks old and I intend to put a rooster with them. Can I introduce one now that will be the same age as the girls or should I wait until they begin laying to introduce one ?
It might be better to wait, when they are sexually mature they almost always accept a rooster instantly, in my experience. I would also try for a rooster that is around a year old or so, they have less testosterone induced rage at that point, and they are quite easy to find at that age. And how wonderful that you chose barnevelders; my favorite breed. They are great, especially for first timers as they are docile, quiet, and oh so pretty!
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Yes, quarantine is a good idea, and my girls are very docile, much more so than the wyandottes that I hatched last September and are currently my laying stock, thanks for the advice

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