Introduction! 🐓🐔

Dec 7, 2020
Are you new to Chickens/ When did you first get them? I am new I first got my babies in August of 2020! I had a beautiful Silkie-Bantam Rooster, A silkie-Bantam Hen, A pure breed Gray Silkie, A small black Bantam and then after, two passed away I got two Red Sex Link Hens.

How many Chickens do you have right now? Sadly, only three.

What Breeds do you have? I have a pure gray silkie and two Red Sex Link.

What are you favorite aspects of raising Backyard Chickens? Watching them and giving them treats.

What are some other hobbies? I love drawing and reading. I also have two Rabbits and two Cats.

Anything else you want to share? I love Baby Yoda and the Broadway Musical, Hamilton. My rabbits names are Sunshine and Storm, two girls. My Cats names are Hersheal and Snowball, two boys. My chickens names are : Elsa, Minnie and Daisy. My chickens that have passed away are Kristoff, Anna, Olaf.
Three is better than none!

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